Sami Blomberg
General Manager

Journeys beyond expectations!

Together with our founder Tero, Sami has been developing Aventura for over a decade. Sami is the General Manager at Aventura and oversees all partner co-operation. Please contact Sami at sami.blomberg(at)

Sami came to Aventura as an around the world trip specialist and rose quickly to be the Office Manager. Today he holds the knowledge of designing different types of cultural and nature trips as well as active tours and wellbeing journeys. As the demand for bespoke journeys increase Sami aims to develop Aventura’s knowledge of high-end products by experiencing different destinations and attending tradeshows around the world.

Together with the Aventura Office Team he is responsible that your journey is as it has been designed. Sami is by education a physical education teacher specializing in nature and outdoor sports. Sami’s favourite destinations are Philippines, Bhutan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, Myanmar and Brazil. Sami has a passion for food, wine and beer and loves to sample different tastes wherever he is travelling. When possible you will find Sami snorkelling, diving, paddling or surfing. Hiking and different types of winter sports are also close to his heart.


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