Jari Jäppinen
Office Manager

Towards new encounters!

Jari has held multiple positions whilst working for Aventura since 2008. Customer service, production, designing bespoke journeys as well as organizing group tours have been his main tasks. Nowadays Jari is the Office Manager and on occasion he also does tour leading. Jari has a strong knowledge of the business and the necessary creative mind to get the job done.

” I like a plenitude of things and thus I enjoy myself in varied destinations and environments. I enjoy the buzz in big cities and its good restaurants but also natural environments and cooking on a campfire appeals to me. People, their way of life, cultures have always interested me. I thrive in a relaxed atmosphere, so my travel destinations are chilled too.”

Jari has travelled widely in faraway destinations but he also loves to travel in Europe, including the Finnish Lapland, especially in the summertime.


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