Sanna Länsivierto
Product Manager

Sanna loves being in the nature and experiencing wow moments

Sanna has a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from Haaga-Helia, a School of Applied Science. Sanna is the Product Manager for our Asian destinations and designs bespoke journeys, Sanna also does tour leading for our groups on occasion. 

“I enjoy creating experiences, paying attention to the smallest details and aesthetics, also when it comes to travelling. Beauty can be found while camping in the middle of a jungle, mountains, savanna or in a boutique hotel in a big city. My journeys lead mostly to nature destinations, but I also enjoy the buzz of big cities. I enjoy meeting locals and I thrive to think of travelling from a broad angle. Travelling gives plenty to me and I wish to forward that to my clients.”

Besides vacations Sanna has been studying abroad and travels a lot for work. Besides travelling close to home, especially Africa is close to Sanna’s heart now. Sanna’s trips are nature and activity-based journeys and she also has a passion for diving.


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