Hanna Koskelainen
Product Manager

For the joy of travelling!

Travelling has been a part of Hanna’s life from yearly years. Inspired by childhood family vacations Hanna ended up studying tourism and later embarking on an exciting work path in the world of travel trade. Hanna specialises in around the world journeys as well as nature and cultural tours in the Australasia and Pacific regions.

” Travelling, being active and enjoying amazing moments is a way of life. My journeys have changed over the decades. From childhood holidays to the Canary Islands, I went to backpacking in more exotic destinations in Africa and Asia. During my college years I used to backpack on a tight budged in Asia and I even managed a budget journey around the world. Since those times my ways of travelling have versified and include bespoke journeys too. My family has grown and travelling to faraway destinations with small children is very interesting and absolutely worth all the effort. We have travelled with the kids to Australia, Cook Islands, Hawaii, Mauritius, USA, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives, Mexico, Japan and to my favourite destination New Zealand. Alongside faraway destinations, we also enjoy European city breaks as well as going camping and touring in Finland and nearby regions.”


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