Krista Fransman
Product Manager

A passion for exploring

Krista holds a Bachelor’s degree in tourism and joined the Aventura Office Team in 2011. Krista is responsible for product development for Africa but also produces trips in other continents. Krista takes part in designing bespoke journeys among other tasks.

“My interest in new languages, cultures and different forms of art have taken me to various parts of the world. The energetic lifestyle of big cities and groove in music and dance are close to my heart but I find nature’s peace the most appealing. Beautiful landscapes, different creatures in the wild, hiking and the starry sky are a dream. I can lay my head to rest either on a pillow whilst camping or at a luxury boutique hotel.”

Krista has lived in Sydney, Australia and Tokyo, Japan. Krista has gathered travel experiences in many faraway places but destinations closer to home in also inspire her to travel. A journey is always an adventure if you have the right attitude!


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