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Aventura Tour Operator Ltd 

Aventura Tour Operator Ltd was established in 2000 as a company arranging tour leader led small group touring to Latin America. It quickly expanded to cover the rest of the world and is today the largest Finnish tailor-made tour operator specializing in bespoke itineraries. We bring our clients authentic experiences with a personal approach as our tailor-made packages are made with a big heart. We make an ordinary journey into an extraordinary journey.

Our group division’s expertise extends from small group touring exploring cultural experiences to experienced mountaineering and specialized activity tours. Our FIT division, covering over 75 % of our annual turnover, is growing each year and we see a demand for bespoke high yield tailor-made journeys. We are a dynamic company with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

We are seeking for unique products on all continents. The accommodation we are looking for is more than just a bed. It is well designed and sustainable whilst blending in with its surroundings (natural and cultural), complemented by sincere hospitality and authentic experiences around it. Our ground handlers are preferably serving only B2B clients with an emphasis on sustainability, they are quick to respond, have competitive rates, are reliable and deliver what they promise with a genuine warm service.

Aventura Tour Operator Ltd
Lönnrotinkatu 9, 00120 Helsinki, Finland

E-mail: info@aventura.fi
Tel: +358 207 435 100 (8,4 Cnt/min)
SMS/WhatsApp: +358 40 135 1001

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