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Bali (Indonesia) pähkinänkuoressa

The island of Bali has become a popular beach and holiday destination and not without a reason. Despite the growing tourism, Balinese people are very hospitable and friendly. Original rich culture can still be found in the island although it´s easier to get to know the real Balinese culture and lifestyle in the areas where tourism is not so powerful yet. The island has managed well to maintain their Hindu religion-based culture, the main religion is Islam in the other islands of Indonesia. Nature is breathtakingly beautiful with tiered paddy fields, volcanoes rising through the clouds, lush forests and tropical beaches that are embraced by warm water of Indian Ocean. Island is especially popular among surfers and divers.

1 919 440 km²

262 787 403 (7/2018)


Islam 86 %, Protestants 6 %

Bahasa indonesia (official), English, Dutch

Main products
Oil, gas, fabrics, grocery


Bali (Indonesia), yleistä

People from the countries of European Union will get the visa-on-arrival from the airport when arriving in Indonesia in case the trip is less than 30 days. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival.

Every passenger taking part to the trip should have a valid travel insurance, which covers the expenses of medical treatment in case of illness or other similar situation. You can get a travel insurance also from Aventura. Contact our office.

Recommendable vaccinations
In addition to basic vaccinations (tetanus, diphtheria and polio) hepatitis A and B are recommendable. In the basis of risk analysis is wise to consider also typhoid and Japanese encephalitis vaccinations and malaria medication. Check the vaccination requirements from your medical center.

The currency of Indonesia is rupia (IDR). 1 € = 12 451 IDR. Check the rate and availability:

120/230 V, 50 Hz

Tropical. Two clearly separate seasons: monsoon rainy season and dry season. Air humidity is high.

Islam and Christianity.

Ecological tourism
We try to operate according to ecological principles and respect local people and their customs in our all trips.

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Good to know
We ask all our travelers to respect country´s customs and people and dress according to that. Especially women should avoid too tight and revealing clothes when traveling in cities.