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Salvador & Rio

Salvador de Bahia | Chapada Diamantina / Lencois | Paraty | Ilha Grande | Rio de Janeiro


Päivä 1 | Lennot Salvadoriin
Hotel Cruz do Pascoal | A
Airport arrival at Salvador. Salvador is the cradle of the Afro-Brazilian culture and offers the visitor many popular amusements with its cuisine, music, enchantment and cheerfulness. From the airport, transfer to the pousada, located near downtown, known as the Pelourinho. Here we will find the most important architectural collection of Hispanic-America, and it is also the meeting point for all the locals. Accommodation.

Päivä 2 | Salvador
Hotel Cruz do Pascoal | A
During the morning, we will take a walking visit to the historic downtown, where it is possible to spot different places representing the city´s culture and art. In the afternoon you will have free time to take part in other optional activities, like a panoramic tour to get to know the rest of the interesting city of Salvador.

Päivä 3 | Chapada Diamantina
Pousada da Villa Serrano | A
Early morning transfer to Salvador bus station where we will leave for Lençóis. Upon arrival we will be welcomed by the guide who will take us through this beautiful town known as the Diamond Capital, which was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1973. Strolling through the streets, we will see well conserved colonial houses from the late XIX century. With the end of mining and the creation of the Chapada Diamantina National Park, tourism has become an important development source for the region. Accommodation.

Päivät 4-5 | Chapada Diamantina
Pousada da Villa Serrano | A
The days are free to take optional tours. There are many possibilities in this region including trekking/hiking tours to Fumaça Falls or Paty Valley, cavern tours to Lapa Doce and Pratinha caves or Poço Azul and Poço Encantado caves, bike tours to Marimbus, or more relaxed walks to nearby waterfalls. Also, we can take a historic tour around the city and visit old mining little towns around the region such as Igatu. Accommodation.

Päivä 6 | Salvador
Hotel Cruz do Pascoal | A
In the morning we will travel on land to Salvador bus station and transfer to the pousada in Salvador. The afternoon is free to take optional tours or just walk around downtown for art craft shopping. Accommodation.

Päivä 7 | Paraty
Pousada do Principe | A
In the morning we will transfer to Salvador airport to travel to the airport of Rio de Janeiro. From there, we will transfer by land to the town of Paraty, a well preserved colonial relic from the architectural perspective. This spot is where all the treasures from Minas Gerais arrived via Estrada Real before embarking for the Iberian Peninsula. Accommodation.

Päivä 8 | Paraty
Pousada do Principe | A
In the morning, we will do a walking tour through the historic downtown, visiting its main churches and colonial houses. Here we will discover Paraty´s important role in the history of Brazil. In the afternoon, we can do optional activities such as a boat tour at the Bay of Paraty where it is possible to see Brazil´s only fjord, a route along the pretty ecological trails of the nearby Serra da Bocaina, a visit to the social project of a quilombola community, or an excursion to the pristine beaches with emerald green waters. In the evening, we can have a walk along the streets of Paraty and enjoy live music in any of the local restaurants. Accommodation.

Päivä 9 | Ilha Grande
Pousada Naturalia | A
Land transfer to the coastal town of Angra dos Reis, where a ferry will be waiting to transport us to Vila do Abraao, the only town on Ilha Grande. We will check in at our hotel and begin to absorb the island´s relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Accommodation.

Päivä 10 | Ilha Grande
Pousada Naturalia | A
In the morning, we will take a tour to the beach of Lopes Mendes, one of the most famous beaches in the country, which includes a boat ride and a hike. In the afternoon, we can do other optional activities and treks around the island. Accommodation.

Päivä 11 | Rio de Janeiro | A
Hotel Windsor Plaza
In the morning we will transfer by road to Rio de Janeiro. The Carioca City has a certain magical quality and offers the traveler a wide variety of touristic sites and a great number of leisure activities.Accommodation.

Päivä 12 | Rio de Janeiro | A
Hotel Windsor Plaza
In the morning, we will take a regular tour to Corcovado Christ, one of the seven wonders of the world, from where we will have an excellent view of the city. Free afternoon to take an optional excursion. You will be able to choose between a great variety of activities in Rio de Janeiro, including a visit to the Maracaná and the Botanical Garden. Accommodation.

Päivä 13 | Rio de Janeiro | A
Hotel Windsor Plaza
Free day to enjoy the city of Rio de Janeiro. You will have the option to take any of our optional activities. We recommend you to choose the Vida Carioca activity, where you would take the metro to witness the lifestyle of the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro, also known as "cariocas". This optional activity is a guided walking tour around the historical and commercial center of Rio, highlighting the Cathedral and the Saara neighborhood. It also includes a stop to taste a delicious carioca fresh juice and a stop to have lunch in one of the oldest and most historical restaurants in Brazil. In the afternoon, you will have free time to take part in other optional activities such as a trip to the Favela Rocinha or a visit to the Sugar Loaf. There are also optional one-day trips out of the city such as a visit to Petrópolis, Niterói or Búzios. Accommodation.

Päivät 14-15 | Rio de Janeiro – Helsinki | A
Transfer to Rio de Janeiro airport for departure flight.


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