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Sukellusmatka Bahama
Exuma Cays and Southewest Eleuthera

Nassau | sukellus Bahamalla

Throughout the week aboard the Bahamas Aggressor guests will depart Nassau to explore the dramatic walls, lush coral reefs and exciting animal encounters of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. This protected area is one of the world's most successful marine parks with an area consisting of an array of more than 350 small islands and cays. The crystal-clear tropical Atlantic pours over the deep cuts between the cays and constantly shifting sand bars. Waters are thick with coral reefs that are alive with every imaginable ocean critter from the living jewels – angelfish and butterfly fish – to the charismatic food-chain toppers like grouper and barracuda – right down to the tiniest living invertebrates. Night diving allows guests to experience an entirely different group of critters and bevy of behaviors not visible during the day.

The Bahamas and her Out Islands offer a distinct blend of international glamour and tropical ease. The islands and cays sprawl across nearly 260 000 square kilometers of ocean, beginning at the northern point east of Palm Beach, Florida and spanning practically 1200 km to the southeast where there come inside 80 km of Cuba and Haiti.

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